Human Centered Design Solutions - Revtech

Light Fair International.

Human Centered Design is the key to REV’s proven project approach & successful delivery. Combining edge computing & IoT with a user-centric driven design.

REV’s curiosity to continue to push the elements of emerging tech and relentless focus on 21st century solutions such as, AI/ML, IoT, Cloud, AR/VR, and beyond drove REV to team with a start-up LED Lighting company in late 2017. This start-up in partnership with Samsung wanted to feature the first-of-its-kind Bluetooth tracking LED Commercial Light at Light fair international and they enlisted REV to assist. REV utilizing our Human Centered Design (HCD) Approach created multiple use-cases, personas, and stakeholder interviews before focusing on the development of this innovative Bluetooth tracking functionality to be debuted at Light fair International for the very first time – in the Samsung Corporate booth.