Big Data Solution -Revtech

Leveraging Big Data to expand the fastest growing 5G network.

REV and our team of seasoned technologists have a deep understanding of the complexities brought on by a digital 21st century world: processing, managing, and protecting large amounts of data in a meaningful way. Since 2018, REV has teamed with one of the world’s largest wireless network providers, T-Mobile, to expand their U.S. 5G network and meet the intrinsic challenges of such a feat head-on.

REV’s unique partnership with T-Mobile has expanded exponentially from its initial days of solving internal, commercial-off-the-shelf needs and implementations to today’s work where REV serves as a valued Big Data processor and thought leader. Through REV’s Big Data practice and our team of data scientists, REV has worked diligently alongside T-Mobile to discover new and exciting ways to ingest, curate, process, visualize, and uncover the power of Big Data in efforts spanning FCC regulatory compliance to 5G spectrum licensing.